Technical Strategies Followed by ProfitAim Research Analysts

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Comex trading is not as difficult as it seems to be. Comex trading can be learnt with consistent efforts. The main concept in the trading is to anticipate Comex Trading signals. Based on the Comex signals forecasting the buy and the sell trades are initiated. Also if the person trading in the Comex markets is a beginner he can take help of advisory firm like ProfitAim Research. These advisory firms provide free comex trading signals as well as Stock Future Tips for the Stock Market in the beginning. And once the trading is turning profitable with the help of comex signals provided by the advisory firm they can continue with the paid subscription.

How Expert Panel Works?

These advisory firms have professional and experienced technical analysts who on the basis of the in-depth research create the calls or give us buy and sell levels with stop losses. These analysts also use several strategies to anticipate the price movements. Some of the example strategies are intraday first 15 Minutes strategy and gap strategy.

Intraday first 15 Minutes strategy

In the Intraday first 15 Minutes strategy, the range or the movement of the prices of the Commodity is identified. And then a breakout from this range after one hour of trading is looked upon. This breakout is looked upon as the starting point of trend formation. Thus the trader can then trade in the direction of the trend.

Gap strategy

The other strategy is the gap strategy. The gap is the difference between the yesterday’s close and today’s opening price levels. This gap can be positive or negative, can be small or big. Thus, it is based on the gap type and magnitude the price movements are anticipated. Some of the techniques followed are gap fill techniques or gap break out techniques. The gap strategy is also an important strategy to make profits from the commodity markets.

Technical Indicators

Apart from these strategies, many technical indicators are used in analysis of the price graphs. One such indicator which is widely used is RSI or relative strength index. The RSI indicator takes a value between 0 and 100. The higher value of RSI indicates that the market is overbought and the lower value of the indicator indicates that the market is oversold. Typically the level of 70 and 30 are taken as the threshold values. A value of RSI above 70 is considered as overbought and a value of RSI below 30 is considered as oversold. The market shows a minimum or maximum price at these values. Thus the trend reversal is evident at these points and appropriate buy or sell positions can be taken to benefit from the anticipated trend reversal.

A trader can trade on the commodities like comex gold, comex silver and also on petroleum based commodities like natural gas and crude oil. They can take the benefits of the services offered by the top advisory firms like ProfitAim Research and can make money easily. Apart from the Stock future tips and share market tips, the calls in the commodity segment can also be availed and one can trade with an edge in the commodity market too.