Take Maximum Advantage From These Comex Trading Strategy

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Comex trading is not difficult, but it takes time to master the art. A person who wants to earn good profits through commodity trading must learn technical analysis first. He can take the help of renowned advisors and Technical analysts. One such advisory firm is ProfitAim Research, which provide accurate Stock Cash Tips, Stock Future Tips as well as Commodity Tips.

If the trader or the investor has some excellent strategy, the chances of success in the financial market are high. Risk Management as well as Wealth management has significant importance in the financial market. While the Risk management deals with the limiting of the loss, the wealth management deals with the division of the invested amount in parts and the diversification of the portfolio.

The traders as well as investors can follow one of the following strategies:

Trading based on Charts

Trading based on the charts is one of the inherent field of Technical analysis. The charts of price movements versus the time scale are the most important one. The price movements or fluctuations are plotted on the y axis and the time units are plotted on the x axis. The time units or scale is decided by the user. For example the unit of time can be minutes, hours or days. The most important types of charts are:

  1. Line Charts
  2. Candle stick charts

In case of line charts the price is interpolated between various price levels and line charts is plotted with respect to time. In case of Candle stick charts, the candles are drawn which shows the start point, the end point, the high as well as low in a specific period.

Trading based on Intraday Strategies:

An efficient way of anticipating comex signals is by following some strategies. An example of strategy is a first hour intraday strategy. In this strategy the range of price fluctuation in the first hour is watched. Then the trend is assumed to be formed on the break out of the high and low of the range in the first hour. Thus, if the price breakout from the high of the first hour a buy signal is initiated. On the other hand, if the price breakout is from the low of the first hour price range a sell signal is initiated. Thus in this strategy a trend is assumed to be formed after one hour of trading.

One can also follow the strategy of EMA Crossover. In case of EMA crossover, the Exponential Moving Averages of 5 as well as 10 periods are drawn along with the price. The crossover of the 2 EMAs is watched and the buy as well as sell signals are initiated at these crossovers. The position once entered, is exited at the next crossover. Thus, this strategy provides both the entry as well as exit signals. Instead of EMAs, the SMAs or Simple Moving averages of Appropriate Periods can also be used.

The trader can also trade based on the advice from some expert comex advisory firm in the form of Stock Cash Tips or Comex Tips to trade profitably.