Best Strategy to Gain Consistent Returns in Positional Trading

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People around the world are looking for ways to earn consistent income from the Stock Markets. The key to success in the Stock Market is to control the emotions like Greed as well as to do a disciplined trading. The new traders can take help of the advisory firms, which can make them to go for the free trials like HNI Free Trial.  The free trials are based on the segments of customers. The HNI segment is for customers with High Net Income. These customers are rendered accurate HNI Tips which can fetch them good profits.

The traders and investors, who want to gain from the Indian Stock market can go for the Intraday Trading or can also go for the positional trading.  In the Intraday trading the stocks are bought and sold in the same day. However, in case of the positional trading, the stocks are bought and kept in delivery for more than one day. Many people feel that it is difficult to gain consistent profits from the intraday trading as compared to the positional trading.

For a trader, who want to achieve good returns from the positional trades should work on a strategy with high accuracy. A strategy with more than 70 % accuracy is considered as a good strategy. An example of one such strategy is the moving average crossover strategy. In this strategy the Exponential Moving averages of period 3 and period 15 are taken. The crossover of these EMAs is considered as the potential signals for the trend reversal.

Appropriate positions can be taken based on the trend reversal signal given by the above strategy. However, the above trading set-up will give many false signals as well. In order to filter the false signals, the indicators like MACD should be used. The MACD here denotes the Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator. This particular indicator is also a mixture of two moving averages. One of the moving averages is the fast one while the other is a slow one.

The buy and sell signals are now generated, when both MACD and EMAs gives a positive signal. This will wipe out the false signals and give a better as well as profitable system. Many technical analysts and advisory firms follow these types of strategies to generate HNI Tips. However, in order to get these tips or services, the clients are required to first sign-up HNI Free Trial service. Once the client is satisfied with the performance on the tips given during the free trial, he can go for the paid services.

Thus, we have seen that it is not impossible to make consistent returns from the Stock market. However, it will require a great deal of efforts from your side. You should learn the Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, which can be very useful in predicting the future price movements. This will ensure that you take the correct positions and make good profits. The key is always to limit your losses and let your profits run. Following this principle, the overall profits can really be boosted.