How To Earn Good Profits From Nifty Futures?

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Many people want to start a profitable venture in the Indian Stock market but they are unable to do so because of inherent risks. The key to success in the Indian Stock Market is working on a profitable strategy, having a high reward-risk ratio. One can trade in the futures segment for index like Nifty. If you are new to Indian Stock market, you can take help of Technical analysts in the form of Nifty Future Tips.

For many traders in Indian Stock market, Nifty Futures is the best segment to trade. The reason for this is that good profits can be made by investing a small amount. If you are having a strategy with a success rate of 70 % or above, you can make good profits from the futures market.

Also, you should try to keep the Risk Reward ration as 1: 2 or better. By following a strategy with high success rate and good reward risk ratio, one can ensure overall profitability in the trades. If you are not having a profitable strategy, you can rely on Nifty futures tips for the trades. A good research in the form of Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis should be conducted to anticipate the futures price movements.

You can opt for intraday trading or positional trading while investing in the futures market. In the case of intraday trading, you buy and sell the future contracts in the same day. The aim of traders in the intraday trading is to buy low and sell high within a day. In the case of intraday trading there are chances that traders may make a big loss. Hence, a proper research must be conducted by the traders before going for Intraday Trading.

The traders can also choose to go for positional trading in which the futures are bought or sold and the position is usually carried overnight. The period of positional trading is more than 1 day. One can also trade on the basis of nifty positional tips from experts. A proper study of market should be done before investing in the Stock Market.

Based on the recent statistics, the positional traders are more successful than the intraday traders. The reason of this is high inherent risks in the case of intraday trading. Apart from choosing the correct trading style, application of the principles of Risk management and Wealth management is also important.

While the Risk management deals with minimizing the risks, the wealth management deals with proper allocation of funds. The risk management can be practised by adequate usage of stop loss tool. One should try to trade with a strict stop loss, even while trading on the basis of nifty futures tips.

Wealth management can be practised by the diversification of portfolio as well as deciding of the upper limit of investment in each trade. The 1% rule is an important rule or principle in Wealth Management. You should follow these rules even while trading on the basis of nifty positional tips from expert technical analysts.

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